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Cavern of Dreams by ForMyLadyArtemis Cavern of Dreams :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 17 22 Chained By Fate, Proud Sacrifice by ForMyLadyArtemis Chained By Fate, Proud Sacrifice :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 24 12 Such Odd Wind Chimes... by ForMyLadyArtemis Such Odd Wind Chimes... :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 6 8
Party part 6/Sync part 1
Atop a small hill, in the mysterious blanket of gathering indigo twilight, a golden-horned girl stood motionless, dressed in a strapless white gown with her white hair free and swirling to the rhythm of the breeze.
The grass had a rippling silver sheen that glistened just so under the waxing crescent of moon hanging up high above, and the airbrushed landscape behind her was dappled with silver trees with rustling golden autumn leaves.
A sweet sound rang in her ears, the sound of laughter—clear as tinkling bells.
Katana turned to the sound, and her crimson eyes widened as they landed on a young black haired girl twirling across the field in the wind, her delicate dancing form enrobed in the dim light of the hazy candlelit horizon.
Indiana spun and spun around the moon’s little finger, in perfect harmony with her invisible waltz partner. A gentle expression of content bliss covered her face. She was mesmerizing, effortlessly spiriting across the shimmering grass, and her orch
:iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 2 4
Party, part 4
“Float on, to the painted skies where dreams will be unified, as I slip inside. ”
Colors swirled and lights danced, suns rose and set upon eyes aflame by flicking torchlight .
“Multiply humanity, harmonize insanity. Shedding light of remedy, pulling tight of clarity.”
Lullabies of dappled fabrics swished to and fro, pinwheels of fireworks blissfully spinning and weaving amongst each other almost effortlessly to the beat of the music.
Amidst the dance of life and death, the Nature God and the Bird Princess flew across the dance floor.
“Shattered glass in flower beds. Humanize inhuman ends.
It's all the same for the Dreamers, it's all the same for us.”

Katana frowned and lightly but pointedly kicked her partner in the shins.
“I said stop stepping on my feet.” She whispered with a glare.
“S-sorry.” Kichiro blushed lightly, and stared down at his feet as he awkwardly
:iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 2 2
When the wind blows WIP by ForMyLadyArtemis When the wind blows WIP :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 1 9 My Work Zone... :D by ForMyLadyArtemis My Work Zone... :D :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 3 26
Party, part 2
“…May I look yet?”
“Nope! Hold on a moment please, mi’lady!”
Katana exhaled deeply through her nose as the silken blindfold around her eyes remained idle. Three of her younger female servants bustled around her, lacing the princess in mystery attire. Since she had been most uncooperative in choosing a costume (she actually hadn’t intended on going to the party at all) her father had ordered the staff to create a new costume for her, and force her into it if need be.
Puffy brushes dusted across her bare skin, applying light powders of unknown colors.
The only reason she cooperated now was she believed her handmaidens wouldn’t stick her in anything totally mortifying. Probably.
Katana felt herself be swiveled around, and a pair of hands began to untie the blindfold.
“Don’t look yet! We still need to do your face!!” one of the girls trilled hurriedly, excitement clear as a bell in her childish voice.
Ugh, so painstaking
:iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 3 2
Katana's past, part 5 (Violence Warning)
The angel woman screeched in pain as ice-cold fangs tore into her bicep, chomped down, and attempted to brutally rip her arm from the rest of her body. Its talons hooked around the side of her face and kept an iron grip on her head.
The wave of darkness surrounding the pitch-black creature blocked out all the light from the windows, and it gave off a piercing electric green laser-beam from where its eyes should be.
The voice came again, slithering through the air.
“You…aren’t worthy…to touch her…FILTHY ANGEL!” it hissed.
The woman’s face twisted and distorted its shape, and she sounded one last gargled screech before she exploded into a rain of bloody feathers that stuck to the ceiling and along the walls.
The darkness began to recede and condense, swirling and molding itself into the figure of a little girl of golden skin and gleaming silver horns, pin-straight black hair and emerald eyes.
Innocent laughter began to fill the hall.
The dark
:iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 2 2
Happy New Year! --From the DOTD Crew :) by ForMyLadyArtemis Happy New Year! --From the DOTD Crew :) :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 6 5 The Thoughts of LadyFace. by ForMyLadyArtemis The Thoughts of LadyFace. :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 7 2 Happy Holidays from Snow Dancer! by ForMyLadyArtemis Happy Holidays from Snow Dancer! :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 13 7
A story to a friend, that little girl...
Tick, tick, tick, the clock tocks by, forever more,
Every second as tedious as the one before,
I’d say something, but I’ve not got the nerve,
So in the past few years, I’ve learned to just observe.
With one death stare I spy 15 rowdy kids,
All of whom I wish would just shut their lids,
The girls a simple façade, they think they’re so chic,
The guys are no better, they eat it up ‘til I’m sick!
Only one sits in silence, but she’s not in my sight,
At once I must duck as a pencil takes flight,
With my one single glare, a radioactive beam,
They migrate a few feet away, like a stream.
I don’t have a fear factor, don’t think me to,
Just keep it out of my space, and I won’t stab you.
They’re all just stereotype, they stick to the book,
As routine as hanging your coat on a hook.
The sound of furious pencil catches my ear,
Not an uncommon sound for me to hear.
I peer behind me, and who do I see?
Ah, the little girl from my
:iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 2 4
She makes her escape in the crimson-colored night. by ForMyLadyArtemis She makes her escape in the crimson-colored night. :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 17 8 Burned and frayed but never forever lost... by ForMyLadyArtemis Burned and frayed but never forever lost... :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 5 2 Curse of the Shadow of Blood and Death by ForMyLadyArtemis Curse of the Shadow of Blood and Death :iconformyladyartemis:ForMyLadyArtemis 9 11


I'm fine by DestinyBlue I'm fine :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 33,464 3,471 Summer 2011 by laichro Summer 2011 :iconlaichro:laichro 834 28 I'm Complicated by DestinyBlue I'm Complicated :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 21,059 955 Untitled by Telemaniakk Untitled :icontelemaniakk:Telemaniakk 482 45 Circles in blue-s by XRlS Circles in blue-s :iconxrls:XRlS 3,957 639 Elliot Nightray by HIMMELSLICHT Elliot Nightray :iconhimmelslicht:HIMMELSLICHT 94 64 MAGE: king and queen by yukihomu MAGE: king and queen :iconyukihomu:yukihomu 1,321 25 Elliot Nightray by HeroicPlights Elliot Nightray :iconheroicplights:HeroicPlights 56 19 AOI 06: GSC HATSUNE MIKU: LOVE IS WAR VER DX by Shiro169 AOI 06: GSC HATSUNE MIKU: LOVE IS WAR VER DX :iconshiro169:Shiro169 50 2 The Wanderer by Austori The Wanderer :iconaustori:Austori 10 9 Ultimate High Five! by HazuraSinner Ultimate High Five! :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 856 88 [PFSR] Emi by mimia1112 [PFSR] Emi :iconmimia1112:mimia1112 1,990 42 Likeadream3 by Jujupie Likeadream3 :iconjujupie:Jujupie 457 88 Love is Love by Aka-Shiro Love is Love :iconaka-shiro:Aka-Shiro 4,618 201 Alice in Wonderland set by reneenault Alice in Wonderland set :iconreneenault:reneenault 3,511 75 Indiana by Austori Indiana :iconaustori:Austori 3 3


The lovely sakura blossom: light and delicate, sweet and simple, exotic and just lovely. When I came across this painting, I truly thou...



I almost was though. Never got so close to death by homework in my entire life.
I had to endure a full WEEK AND A HALF of non-stop-every-class-homework...when I should have been able to study for exams.

On the heels of one of the worst 1&1/2 weeks of my LIFE, last Thursday became I believe one of the strangest "rapid progression of odd occurrences" days I have ever had. Here's why:

-My day started with my having to go to school dressed in "office formal" clothing for a school presentation. Now, I have absolutely no "office formal" clothing. So, I had to settle on wearing a black turtleneck shirt, black skirt, and black shoes (and DANG was it hot!!! As in the kind of heat that makes you sweat...). My art teacher deduced that I either looked like I was going to a party, going to a funeral, going Greek, or going to give a presentation (the latter of which I was of course...actually I have done each and every one of these things in this outfit before XD).

-In the pre-homeroom hallway club where my friends and I congregate in the morning before classes, one of my school besties walks into the hallway with a cardboard box and says "Look inside!"
There was a snake in the box. A real one. Let's leave that at that, shall we?

-I had an immense amount of energy from the start. That NEEEEEVER happens. Especially when I only get 5 hours of sleep.

-My immense amount of energy left me faster than a dead man's ghost by day's end...I almost fell asleep in Civ class.

-Learned that between two of my friends and I, we have 2 jealous dogs and 2 perverted dogs XDDD.

-Nearly fainted during evening presentation from the heat of that sauna-of-a-Spanish-room. (I'd elaborate on this but I am laaaaaa~zy XD)

Other odd occurrences of the past week:

-Learned that I can spend over 2 hours on drawing purely shoulders and they still won't come out right without focusing on a single set for another 2 hours  -_-

-Met a real life your "absolute most stereotypical nerd with all accessories included" type nerd. He even had the right voice!!

-Found out a teacher in my school has the same voice as Fred the squirrel from Penguins of, seriously. I wonder if squirrel's gone incognito...

-Learned how to make a dress out of tissue paper...and markers :3

-Listened to a friend of mine recite a Monty Python skit and I learned around 50 or so new cheeses (is there a such thing as Venezuelan Beaver Cheese? If so, links to source in comments are much appreciated :3)

-Saw a cemetery garden for the first time. It is quite the interesting mix of life and death! WARNING: MAY BE SCARY FOR SMALL CHILDREN (That is if you set them out weeding and when they pull back a leaf there's a headstone sticking out of a shrubbery...yeah, it surprised me too XD)

-Learned that a schoolmate of mine can talk about K-pop for over 4 hours straight and not run out of material to jabber about (not that we'd remember what he said a minute later 'cuz we didn't catch a word of it anyway)

A little something like that.

On another note, in between all of my determined-to-kill-me-to-death homework assignments, I have been sketching. SORRYYYYYYYYYYYY FOR LACK OF UPDATESSSSSS!!!! I HAVEN'T BEEN LAZY!!! I'VE BEEN BUSYYYYYYY!!!! But don't worry!! Come summer in a week or so, and I'll be able to churn out and upload aaaaaaall my current works in progress!!! :la: :la:

EXAAAAAAAAAAMS!!!! WHY WON'T YOU JUST GO DIEEEEEEEE??????!!!!!! I DON'T LIKE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! *glares at Spanish nonsensicalness sitting next to me* *Hisssssss* DIEEEEEEEEEE. Ooh! Sandwich! *noms*

I hope that suffices as an adequate brain dump. I shall write more when I find I have time.

Thank you to everyone who takes time to visit my paaaaaaaage!!!!! I LOVE ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!
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  • Eating: Sandwich. *NOM*
  • Drinking: WaTeRwAtErWaTeR.


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BLARGH! I want cheesecake!!

I am:
- the blender result of about one of everything
- also known as DA CAT MASTAH
- a lover of music of all kinds and languages and genres
- the Ultimate Queen-Spazzer-of-Doom
- a completely insane anime addict
- enjoying the ridiculous insanity that is my life
- a single girl and proud of it FOREVER
- plotting world domination
- drowning in homework
- slowly killing my right hand...OWCH.
- trying to figure out what else to stick here and epically failing...I'll update later!


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