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Sakura by MSamsonov

The lovely sakura blossom: light and delicate, sweet and simple, exotic and just lovely. When I came across this painting, I truly thou...


I almost was though. Never got so close to death by homework in my entire life.
I had to endure a full WEEK AND A HALF of non-stop-every-class-homework...when I should have been able to study for exams.

On the heels of one of the worst 1&1/2 weeks of my LIFE, last Thursday became I believe one of the strangest "rapid progression of odd occurrences" days I have ever had. Here's why:

-My day started with my having to go to school dressed in "office formal" clothing for a school presentation. Now, I have absolutely no "office formal" clothing. So, I had to settle on wearing a black turtleneck shirt, black skirt, and black shoes (and DANG was it hot!!! As in the kind of heat that makes you sweat...). My art teacher deduced that I either looked like I was going to a party, going to a funeral, going Greek, or going to give a presentation (the latter of which I was of course...actually I have done each and every one of these things in this outfit before XD).

-In the pre-homeroom hallway club where my friends and I congregate in the morning before classes, one of my school besties walks into the hallway with a cardboard box and says "Look inside!"
There was a snake in the box. A real one. Let's leave that at that, shall we?

-I had an immense amount of energy from the start. That NEEEEEVER happens. Especially when I only get 5 hours of sleep.

-My immense amount of energy left me faster than a dead man's ghost by day's end...I almost fell asleep in Civ class.

-Learned that between two of my friends and I, we have 2 jealous dogs and 2 perverted dogs XDDD.

-Nearly fainted during evening presentation from the heat of that sauna-of-a-Spanish-room. (I'd elaborate on this but I am laaaaaa~zy XD)

Other odd occurrences of the past week:

-Learned that I can spend over 2 hours on drawing purely shoulders and they still won't come out right without focusing on a single set for another 2 hours  -_-

-Met a real life your "absolute most stereotypical nerd with all accessories included" type nerd. He even had the right voice!!

-Found out a teacher in my school has the same voice as Fred the squirrel from Penguins of, seriously. I wonder if squirrel's gone incognito...

-Learned how to make a dress out of tissue paper...and markers :3

-Listened to a friend of mine recite a Monty Python skit and I learned around 50 or so new cheeses (is there a such thing as Venezuelan Beaver Cheese? If so, links to source in comments are much appreciated :3)

-Saw a cemetery garden for the first time. It is quite the interesting mix of life and death! WARNING: MAY BE SCARY FOR SMALL CHILDREN (That is if you set them out weeding and when they pull back a leaf there's a headstone sticking out of a shrubbery...yeah, it surprised me too XD)

-Learned that a schoolmate of mine can talk about K-pop for over 4 hours straight and not run out of material to jabber about (not that we'd remember what he said a minute later 'cuz we didn't catch a word of it anyway)

A little something like that.

On another note, in between all of my determined-to-kill-me-to-death homework assignments, I have been sketching. SORRYYYYYYYYYYYY FOR LACK OF UPDATESSSSSS!!!! I HAVEN'T BEEN LAZY!!! I'VE BEEN BUSYYYYYYY!!!! But don't worry!! Come summer in a week or so, and I'll be able to churn out and upload aaaaaaall my current works in progress!!! :la: :la:

EXAAAAAAAAAAMS!!!! WHY WON'T YOU JUST GO DIEEEEEEEE??????!!!!!! I DON'T LIKE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! *glares at Spanish nonsensicalness sitting next to me* *Hisssssss* DIEEEEEEEEEE. Ooh! Sandwich! *noms*

I hope that suffices as an adequate brain dump. I shall write more when I find I have time.

Thank you to everyone who takes time to visit my paaaaaaaage!!!!! I LOVE ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!
  • Listening to: Elements by Lindsey Stirling
  • Watching: My free time get smaller and smaller T_T
  • Eating: Sandwich. *NOM*
  • Drinking: WaTeRwAtErWaTeR.


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BLARGH! I want cheesecake!!

I am:
- the blender result of about one of everything
- also known as DA CAT MASTAH
- a lover of music of all kinds and languages and genres
- the Ultimate Queen-Spazzer-of-Doom
- a completely insane anime addict
- enjoying the ridiculous insanity that is my life
- a single girl and proud of it FOREVER
- plotting world domination
- drowning in homework
- slowly killing my right hand...OWCH.
- trying to figure out what else to stick here and epically failing...I'll update later!

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